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An Arrow of Reflection – Facts About Life

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An Arrow of Reflection – Facts About Life

An Arrow of Reflection – Facts About Life , In this life there may problems with solutions, we just have to figure out a way to solve them. In this life, if u need to be successful, you must have good friends and a good mindset. This “Facts About Life” will lead you to the right path.



One secret, make a standard for yourself, that if you are not ready for marriage, you are not ready for dating that`s all. otherwise, you are dating for what, for fun, if you wanna have fun get swimming lessons if you wanna have fun hike badger mountain. If you want to have fun get a hubby, there are so many things you need to do if you wanna have fun, you don`t use another person`s heart for fun, you don`t toil with people`s heart.

Some of you, you are taking too much time trying to convince people to love you, and that does not matter, I feel like saying to you if somebody can walk away from your life “LET THEM WALK AWAY“, you shouldn`t have to convince anybody to love you, if they walk “LET THEM GO“  if they leave you that means they are not attached to your future.

Don`t invest in someone based on how much you like them, invest in them based on how much they are investing in you. if someone is not showing you they want you, stop chasing that person, stop giving that person your time.


What people think about you is none of your business, there is no way you can control what people say or think about you as a person, but you always have to control how you receive them. What I have learned is that reacting will give them what they want, so don`t react or respond. If they are not paying your bills, then pay them no attention.

Some people say experience is the best teacher but I don`t think it`s true because once you experience it, it will give you a scar and that incident will keep on reoccurring in your mind. Some people, even though the experience some things (bad), they still won`t make corrections.

But life is like that, with many of our bad habits leading to a `broken tooth` in the future. we often live our lives without realizing how the seemingly inconsequential things we do today can have a permanent impact on our future. while yesterday is gone, our past actions may have created cracks and broken pieces that need to be repaired today.



“Don`t ask other people questions you should be asking yourself. billionaires think for themselves, stopping to review themselves and to check their motivations at each step of the way“.

If you need help, talk to someone, but don`t ignore the problem. If you want the best, you`d better be the best in all aspects…….. ponder over it. Click here


Thank you for reading.

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