Allow your Being

Allow your Being

Allow your Being

Level 1: You know you are not being real, you are not being authentic, you are not being you. You know there is a gap between who you are and who you are trying to be. It is hard keeping up with trying to be who you are not. Sometimes you try to be authentic. Your attempt at being true to your being comes with a gap created between you and some things as well as you and some people. It is the gap with the people you find harder to deal with.

Level 2: It increasingly becomes clear that being authentic means things and people will have to leave you. It is not as if you are trying to push those things and people away from you. It is just that since they do not align with the real you, there is no corresponding vibrational frequency to keep them in your life.

Level 3: You are trying to be true to your being and you realize that you no longer want to go to some places you have been going. You no longer desire some associations. You simply want to be and not just keep repeating the same pattern in doing. A new way of life is calling but there are anchors in some things and people that are dragging you to where you have been, that place where your evolution has been hindered.

But there are some things you have experienced even when you attempted to be real. The number one among those things is that you experienced more silence within; there was less internal turmoil. In fact, you experienced more peace. You wish to keep going without looking back but along come those things and people that drag you back to that old familiar place.

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Allow your Being

Level 4: You attempt to do something. You attempt to carry those people along the path you want to follow, you want to be a good friend, a good buddy to them, you can see that they deserve better and you want to almost drag them along the route that will cause them to shift and make them experience life on a whole new level. You are trying to be good to them but things seem to be going from bad to worse between you and these people. They see that a change is happening with you but they do not get it. The intensity of the friction between you and them seem to be on the rise.

They are so used to their way of living that they consider themselves at home where they are. However, you see that where they call home is characterized by chaos and that the new path offers freedom from chaos. Your understanding of this path is experiential not mental.

What is the problem? The problem is that they have identified with that chaos, that disorder, that craziness, they call home. There is no separation between them and their home. They are one with their home and you are trying to pull them out of it. They resist you. You are trying to take their whole sense of identity away from them. If they lose home who will they be? They do not want to experience the unfamiliar because it will shatter all that they think they are. Their home is chaos but at least the chaos is familiar. They prefer a familiar chaos to an unfamiliar uncertainty. They do not just resist you, they fight you and this is creating distance between you and them. Click

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Allow your Being

Level 5: You come to a realization: You are not responsible for their transformation. You want it for them but you do not want the added pressure of that responsibility. The primary person you should be true to is you. You decide to walk the path alone without the approval you have been seeking from them, an approval not coming forth. Things turn upside down.

Level 6: You know you love them but they think you despise them. Why? Because you do not call them. You know that if you have to call them you will. You do not desire a call that is all about shallow Him and How far? Shallow is no longer your home, not even in conversations. Now see the hypocrisy: They say you do not call them but do they call you? No. They do not call you because behind you they say things that unmask their anger and growing hatred for you. You do not judge them for not calling you but they judge you for not calling them. And when you decide to call them you hear, So you remember to call me today,  and some other subtle negative remarks. You do not call them, they despise you; you call them, they despise you. You now fully realize that their problem is not you. Their problem is within them. They are not aware of this.

Allow your Being

Level 7: You make the necessary decision: I will honor my being by following this path and being authentic no matter what. You add, The things and people that leave my life because I follow this path have to leave because they do not align with me You follow your heart and things and people leave you. Things turn downside up.

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Level 8: Things and people left you. Now things and people that align with you start showing up in your life. A chance encounter brings you something you need; your work connects you with people that bring value. Life is new, life is fresh, life is adventurous. Not that there are no challenges but that mental pattern that converts challenges to problems has greatly been dissolved.  You now know that it is through challenges that you grow and evolve. Having awaken, you are consciously evolving.

Allow your Being

Level 9: Years later some of the people whom you were trying to drag along the path in the beginning but who drifted away show up in your life. Then when you were trying to drag them, they were at a point in life where they could neither see nor appreciate what you were trying to do. Now they see it. Life happened to them until they said, I am tired of this madness. And they asked, who can help me out of this disorder? They remember you. They reconnect with you at a deeper level. Your life and theirs undergo a chemical reaction as result of this reconnection. In other words, there is a transformation with you and them. If you had remained where you were years ago without following the path, all these would not have happened.

Level 10: It finally dawns on you: When you start to follow the path meant for you, you can measure what you will lose but you cannot see what you will gain.

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