All Works for Good

All Works for Good

 A seed germinates and grows to become a tree. In time, the tree yields fruit. The leaves of the tree take in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Human beings breathe in this oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide which the leaves of the tree take in. There is a design. Intelligence is at work.

The earth is presently rotating. That rotation gives us day and night. It is also revolving around the sun which gives us seasons. There is a gravitational force of the earth that scientists have not been able to explain. When you jump, the force pulls you down back to earth. So you are unable to float around aimlessly on earth or into space. The earth has intelligence guiding it.

As you read this your heart is pumping your blood. Your body may presently be digesting the food you ate earlier. We can say that the food is being digested but we cannot say that you are digesting the food. We cannot say that because you are not actively responsible for the digestion of your food. What is it exactly do you do so that your food digests? Nothing. Your body handles the digestion just like it handles the circulation of blood around your body. Your body has intelligence guiding it. With that intelligence, it fights microorganisms that come in to cause disease. Your body has fighting for you and they fight till death.

With all these and many more happening, you still find yourself thinking sometimes that your life does not make sense. You are having an issue with a family member, you are struggling to pay your rent, you are having an illness, you lost your child, your partner left you. Yes, all of these are challenging but that intelligence that guides the seed to grow into a tree, that makes the earth act for our benefit, that makes your body thrive, that intelligence has not left you on your own. 

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That intelligence is at work in your life even though you may not see it. You may not see it because you think too much and your mind which has created a story about you has been conditioned by your past. You end up believing the story of your mind. This has cost you happiness. No matter the story your head tells you, it cannot be absolutely true. In your thought, you have cut up the whole into tiny fragments and through thinking, these fragments end up becoming lifeless. Your thought involves your perspective which can only be relatively true. Your perspective does not consider the whole. The absolute truth has to do with the whole and your mind does not have the capacity to process the whole.

You do not have to believe that your life is meaningless; you do not have to believe that your situation will never improve; you do not have to believe that God has left you on your own; you do not have to believe your story. Intelligence is at work in your life. The seed does not struggle but allows the intelligence to work; the earth does not struggle but allows the intelligence to work; your body does not struggle but allows the intelligence to work. Why are you struggling? You are struggling because you do not trust the intelligence. If you do, you would say with St. Paul, All things work for good for those who love God (Romans 8:28).

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