9 Great Qualities of Good and Successful Ladies


Knowing who you are

It is important for ladies to know who they are and have self-confidence in themselves and in their God-given abilities. How will the world look like if women ruled it?

While we can`t say for sure that women would make a better fist of it, or behave any better, what we do know is that when women are in given power or authority or involved in decision-making, societies will work better.


Men come before ladies

Do you know that if women were in charge, it cannot be possible for seven men to have the same wealth as the poorest 70% of the world`s population when a group of men whose combined wealth equals that of 7.6 billion, people can comfortably frolic together on one trampoline, it`s time for a “leadership change”.

But before this can be possible, here are few lessons to remember as you take over the world as a leader:


9 Great Qualities of Good and Successful ladies

#1 – Acquire knowledge

Be well-read and spoken to ensure that you can have a conversation about something with everybody you come across.


#2 – Compliments

Accept and give compliments by being polite and saying thank you. When giving compliments be genuine. Never make up lies to impress others and if you have nothing good to say, say nothing but always smile genuinely, talk less.


#3 – Engage in Conversation

When at a wedding, any occasion, even at the dinner table, or spending time with friends or family. Get off your phone. Remember conversation is a true art, and at the end of the day, it`s the relationships you have with the people in real life that will shape your life, not the snap-chat or Facebook photo you just uploaded or liked.

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#4 – Dressing and Appearance

What you wear always makes an announcement for you before you will have a chance to utter words. When wearing a skirt or dress make sure it completely covers your posterior. Ask yourself will a gentleman be proud of this outfit? An adage says “the way you dressed that`s the same way you will be addressed”. Make sure your outfit always reflects a piece of you an enhances your image to the public. You always want to be addressed properly, so always remember to dress for the occasion. Wear neat clothes, make sure your hair is properly kept and sometimes use perfumes to avoid body odor.


#5 – Know Who You Are

You must first understand yourself completely, in other to prevent being told who she is or is not according to the world`s views. She must come to understand her purpose in life through God and how to fulfill it by His grace.


#6 – Uploading Contents Online

Before uploading a photo or video of you on social networks, ask yourself, if a gentleman, your kids, mum, someone that takes you as a mentor sees this would that person be proud of it? You may look amazing in your new polka dot bikini selfie, and last night at the club you looked stunning, but just think before you upload, remember you`re telling the world who you are from your photos and videos.


#7 – Always Be kind

You must be a kind virtuous woman by lending a helping hand to someone in need, a lady is known and respected for her nurturing nature.


#8 – Posture

The most important aspect of being a lady is your carriage, your position in which you stand, sit, walk, sit and arch your back is the best way to reflect confidence when sitting cross your legs at the ankles and keep your hands on your thighs or place both legs together. Head held up high, shoulders not too high and back, chins tucked in, is a great posture for walking. Interesting right! Men will respect you, trust me.

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#9 – Be Courteous and Soft Spoken

Do not raise your voice or talk harshly. A lady should always be composed even in the midst of chaos. A lady should be soft-spoken it sounds melodious, not harsh or high pitched.


Congratulations and respect to all great ladies with these qualities. 

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