77 Happy Birthday Wishes to Families and Loved Ones

A Birthday is a special event in every individual`s life. Some people love receiving gifts and expect more, some are OK with good wishes or sweet happy birthday messages.

I feel so happy reading good wishes and lovely text messages from a loved one, families, friends or even people I don`t know.

Sometimes it can be a big challenge preparing the best birthday messages to send to someone. But it`s so easy when you express your feelings towards that person or telling the person things to make him/her smile.

Do you know that sending a birthday message to friends, family members or relatives has the ability to strengthen some old ties and develop a strong relationship and care required for any relationship?

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I have prepared 77 text messages, wishes, and quotes. You do not only deliver a simple birthday wish but, you are conveying your feelings and emotions towards a particular person.



Happy Birthday Wishes to Families and Loved Ones

Hi love, I want you to know that you are also my best friend and my wishes for you on your special day is to see a smile on your face. HBD


This is the day we have long been waiting for. My love, I wish you a wonderful day, I love you, HBD


I love the way you tell me everything about your day even the small things, everything matters today, Happy Birthday


May God shower his blessings on you & keep you safe and healthy. Have a great birthday


All my prayers and wishes are for you. My love, you`re the best person in the world. Hope this will be your best birthday ever.


This is not only your birthday, it`s the day we share love, happiness and golden moments together. Thank you for being with me.


Blessed is this day, which engages the world in joy, happiness and celebration of you. It`s your day Angel.


I hope today is your happiest day of life. Happy birthday & may you have many more like this one. Take care love.


Hey! Blow the candles, cut the cake and don`t forget to share your happiness with your friends. Happy birthday.


You always listen, support, care and love me just like best friends do. Thank you for being in my life and fill it with happiness. Happy Birthday.


I may not always show it to you but I love you the way I understand love, I always do, Happy Birthday Diamond!


I will always be with you, beside you until we grow old and I will still stay with you, happiest birthday to you.


You are the person I trust the most in this world and I just love you so, happy birthday.

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If a smile comes to face every time you think about me, it means I’m the reason for your happiness and brightness in life. So prepare to smile for the rest of your  life, HBD


You are the sweetest person that I have ever met and I hope you know that, happy birthday sweetheart.


I swear you make me feel like a teenager, you make me nervous, you make me just so happy. HBD, LLNP


You mean to me more than you can imagine. You do amazing tins and I just want you to know that I will always love you. Have a wonderful birthday


Hey, receive my hug and kisses on this special day. Happy birthday love


I`m wishing you a full day of surprises. Have a wonderful and lovely day and a very happy birthday


Birthday comes once in a year. So may you have a memorable day full of happiness throughout Ur life. Happy birthday love


You will always be my favorite person, I love you so much & I wish you a happy birthday. Just know that I will always be here


A lovely message for someone great in my life. May you have a wonderful birthday


Tell me that you love me & that you still care because I do. May you have wonderful moments on your celebration. HBD Love


As you start a new year, may all your wishes, dreams and desires come true. HBD


Wishing you a wonderful and happy birthday. May God bless you today and forever


With each year passing, my love increases day by day, may everyone love you and keep you happy. Happy Birthday


You've grown much in the past years, and you have become a person of integrity. It`s a thing of joy to watch you grow into the person God made you be.


Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true in the coming years. Have fun today


Think of every birthday as a gold medal for all the good deeds you have done for so many people. You are a winner. You are unique


Tell me.. what can you wish for someone who is already so gifted? I pray that 2day you will be blessed with God`s love, joy and everything that your heart desires


Birthdays always teach us how to live life well. You have done so well and I`m extremely proud of you


Always remember how much you`re loved and appreciated by people. Enjoy your day with a great celebration. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday


You taught me how to be patient in everything I do, I wish you a wonderful birthday


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The past is a road map 4d future. You have accomplished so much before now. I see a future full of promise 4u. Have a wonderful birthday


I`m sending you many happy wishes 2day. Wishing you another year of prosperity, growth, peace and great joy.


May your day be filled with joy and wonderful as it can possibly be. The world is a little bit brighter because of you. Happy Birthday Bestie


All we need in life is family & good friends. With you, I just can`t tell the difference. Happy Birthday. May all of your dreams come true this year, Amen


It`s hard picking out the perfect gift 4u, it`s cos I want to find something that represents how much you mean 2me, and nothing so perfect exists on earth


In everything you say or do, you show kindness and care. On this day, my wish for you is tenfold of all the goodness you have been spreading.


Last year you made a list of things you always wanted to accomplish. You have checked everyone off. I can`t wait to see this year`s list. I trust you. HBD


You`re the reason for this smile plastered on my face. Best birthday to you my dearest


There`s no way I`m giving up on you no matter what happens. You are one of the reasons why I will always be thankful for what I have. HBD Brother


To the person I love so much, you make me happy & I thank you for that & all d best 2u.


You give me so many things I need and so much more, thank you for your love. Happy birthday dearie.


Birthday greetings, my friend. I hope the past year has brought you great comfort, peace, joy and I`m praying the same for you in the years to come


Happy Birthday to you. I`m so honored to call you my friend & to be able to celebrate this wonderful day with you


This special message for you is enclosed. Enjoy your day today, celebrate your life, and look back at all you have accomplished in the past year and look forward to the year ahead. Open!


2day is a day of celebration with family and friends. It`s your special day. Enjoy it to the fullest and make everyday of Ur life and every candle count. You`re worth it. Happiest of birthdays to you


It`s a beautiful day to celebrate such a wonderful and beautiful person. Have a blessed and celebratory birthday


Our friendship means the world to me. I feel honored to get to send you these birthday wishes


I know you don`t like cake, so I got your 4,000,000 lollipops. Same thing, right?

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No matter what happens, always remember and lean on those dearest to you


Every year with you is another beautiful blessing that God gives me. Hope Ur day is filled with laughter, giggles, chuckles, guffaws and chortles


May the words of love people say about you bring a smile for you today and always


Many happy returns, you`re a jolly good fellow, auld lang syne and all that stuff. HBD


May well wishes, fun, gifts, puppies, cakes, rainbows and everything nice come to you today.

May your day be an unforgettably momentous occasion that people talk about continuously.


Having a friend as you is my everyday gift. Let me be your gift today. Thank you, Happy Birthday


Wishing you the loveliest morning, noon and night, may you have tons of happiness and joy on your birthday.


Friends like you share the happiness that does not depend on what happens or what`s been said. That`s why you are my best friend. HBD


Investigators continue to search for proof that you could be getting older because there`s no evidence since you look as young forever. Happy Birthday


Love, peace, joy and hope be with you. Now that`s a great birthday wish.


May you find pleasure everywhere & may every moment today make you smile.


The world is in on the secret that there is something incredibly sweet about you. Spend your fame, save your money. This is my gift of birthday advice that celebrities like you need to remember.


I am glad that you have a sunny disposition because the 7 days forecast is for you to get older every day. HBD


Today is your birthday. If that isn`t the frosting on the cake! I wish you a Happy Birthday and I truly hope that you enjoy it to the fullest.


You bring a bit of sunshine & happiness to all those around you. Happy Birthday my wonderful friend.


Happy birthday! Enjoy this year & use it as a launchpad 4ur future

Wake up, drink your coffee. It`s time to start your day. Birthdays only come once per year.


Have you ever noticed how much cheaper it is to send someone an email on their birthday instead of buying them a present? Way cheaper! Anyways, Happy Birthday Bestie.


I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love and fun in life. You deserve them a lot. Happy Birthday, Dear.

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